Aluminum Pergola Custom Size

When improving the outdoor space around your home, a motorized custom backyard pergola is the answer. These stylish and versatile designs offer many benefits, making them a good investment. Below, we will discuss various aspects of custom-made pergolas and the benefits of these kits.

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Made from high grade extruded aluminum
Powder coated for durability and ready for our constantly changing Canadian climate
Snow Load
Warranty and Support
custom steel pergola photo # 403
custom modern pergola photo # 402
custom aluminium pergola photo # 401
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custom steel pergola photo # 403
custom modern pergola photo # 402
custom aluminium pergola photo # 401
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custom pergola photo # 398
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Top-Rated Louvered Pergola

Premium Quality of Custom-Designed Pergolas

Modern custom-designed backyard pergolas from Aluminum Pergola Canada have many advantages including, aluminum is a recyclable material, so choosing a customized backyard pergola like this will be an environmentally friendly option for years to come.

Sun Control &

Enjoy optimal sun control and comfort with customizable settings for your perfect outdoor experience.

Extended Living

Expands your living area outdoors, perfect for relaxing, dining, or entertaining.

Boosts Property Value

Enhances aesthetics and functionality, potentially increasing your home's value.

Versatile & Customizable

Fits any space and style, with options for further personalization.
Gutter system

Stay Dry with a Custom Louvered Pergola

Aluminum has excellent corrosion-resistant properties and will become your reliable protector from the weather. When fighting the active sun, custom-built backyard pergolas of aluminum hold their ground perfectly. Custom backyard pergolas easily reflect ultraviolet rays and adapt to acid rain, and ensures colour retention and structural integrity. Whether it may be rain, snow, or other harsh weather conditions, you can spend time outdoors comfortably, knowing that a custom backyard aluminum pergola is not subject to wear and tear. In comparison to a custom steel pergola that requires additional protective coating or treatment, our aluminum louvered pergola will remain beautiful with little to no effort.

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Snow load

Weather Protection with a Custom-Built Aluminum Pergola

A custom louvered backyard pergola is distinguished not only by its aesthetic appearance but also by its practical advantages. With customized luxury items like retractable screens, you can easily adjust the light and shade in your outdoor space, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility throughout the day. In addition, you can choose a custom backyard pergola installation with built-in lighting and heating systems, expanding the functionality of its design so you can enjoy your outdoor space year round, regardless of the weather, in complete comfort.


Make Your Pergola Even More Comfortable

Aluminum Pergola Custom Size

Jet Black
Umbra Grey
Pure White
Jet Black
Umbra Grey
Pure White
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You can combine different frame colors with various roof colours for your pergola
Custom Louver Options

Three Ways to Control Your Pergola

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Manual Operation

These louvers are designed for quick and easy use, controllable via a handle crank for effortless adjustment to suit your needs.
5-year warranty
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Motorized Operation

For a fully automatic experience, consider the motorized system. It’s remote-operated, making adjustments effortless
2-year warranty

App Control

Control it with your app, synchronized with well-known assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Innovative Smart Technologies

Remotely Control Your Custom Backyard Pergola

Innovative custom outdoor pergola easily synchronizes with smart home ecosystems, providing a unified user experience. Let's look at the main options for the remote control of the electric pergola.

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Set the ambiance with integrated LED lights that allow you to change colours
Control your heater remotely
Effortlessly adjust the louvers using a remote control, smartphone app, or voice commands
Control zip-screens remotely for privacy
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Types of Pergola


Enhance your outdoor living space with our custom-made backyard pergolas, designed to provide comfort and style. Crafted for durability, our custom-size louvered pergolas ensure long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. Enjoy a customized outdoor experience with various control options and colours to match your unique style. Elevate your residential space with a pergola that seamlessly combines functionality and elegance.

Perfect for
Pool Houses
Hot Tubs
Outdoor Kitchens
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What is an Aluminum Custom Pergola ?

Our Aluminum Pergola is Canada’s Best Adjustable Louvered Roof Pergola!

Because every detail matters, our extruded aluminum posts, beams and louvers are not only reinforced, but powder coated for durability and ready for our constantly changing Canadian weather. The manual louvers are easy to operate, and when closed are guaranteed to provide a water-tight seal, and with an integrated gutter system will keep you dry during the heaviest of rainstorms. 

If you are interested in a custom backyard pergola,  it is essential to know that our custom pergola includes the following elements:

  • The frame is the foundation that holds all the elements together. Most frames are made from lightweight but durable extruded aluminum.
  • The louvered roof provides versatility for outdoor use.
  • Columns are an important element of designing and constructing custom-made backyard pergola. They are available in different sizes and different finishes.
  • The durability of the custom-size louvered pergola depends on the reliability of the fastening elements.
  • No backyard space would be complete without several light sources.

Installation of a custom-sized aluminum pergola is more straightforward than that of other materials. 

Compare Pergola Kit VS. Custom Size Pergola Aluminum

When searching for an aluminum pergola near you, choosing a ready-made kit is often a more cost-effective option than custom-made backyard models. With a standardized size and design, our 10 by 12 KITS are designed for easy installation and contain pre-cut and pre-drilled parts. While a KIT may not be as customizable as our custom pergolas, they still offer many design advantages.

Our Aluminum Pergola KIT is a ready-to-assemble aluminum pergola that is ready to be installed. With posts, beams and louvers that are ready to assemble, installing an Aluminum Pergola KIT is easy! The parts are arranged in such a way that they are easy to install with standard tools you already have at home. All of our pergola KITS come with easy instructions to make installation complete in just a few hours. Our Aluminum Pergola KITS are perfect for any outdoor space and are in demand with those needing an Aluminum Pergola that saves on delivery.

  • Superior quality. We use only high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum to produce custom pergolas which makes the structures durable and requires virtually no maintenance. A custom outdoor pergola made from this material is resistant to environmental damage and does not deteriorate under the influence of weather conditions.
  • Aluminum is easy to clean and maintain. A regular cleaning routine ensures that your custom backyard pergola retains its aesthetic appearance for many years. Unlike wooden constructions, aluminum backyard pergolas do not require painting or staining, reducing maintenance costs.

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