Pergola Led Lights

Pergolas offer a creative way to bring functionality to an underutilized outdoor living space. For example, you can easily designate an area for outdoor dining with families or set up a remote workspace. In any case, you need to consider adding LED lights to your pergola

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Pergola Ideas
Led Light colour

Choose Your Favourite LED Light Colour for Your Pergola

To create the atmosphere and mood of a party, we recommend using multi-coloured LED lighting for pergolas
Warm white 3200K
pergola with lighting photo #435
pergolas with string lights photo # 434
Technical Specifications

Technical Aspects of the Led Light

LED lights will be the best choice for a pergola decorated in any style. In fact, this class of luminaires can illuminate any environment with durability and versatility. They can seamlessly integrate into the design, providing ideal lighting without additional luminaires.
led light pergola photo # 712

Silicone Tube

The integration of a silicone tube significantly enhances the LED light system's capabilities, serving either as a protective shield for the LED strip or as an effective means of diffusing light.
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Controllable via Remote

The LED light system can be adjusted and controlled remotely using a black remote control. This feature allows users to customize the lighting according to their preferences.

Colour Options

This outdoor LED lighting for pergolas are supplied with:
Power supply 24Vdc
LED/m 120
Cut point 50mm
pergola with lights photo # 431 pergola lighting photo # 432

Compare this pergola with AND without LED lighting in the evening

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Brightness control

Control the Brightness of pergola LED Lighting

Allowing you to adjust brightness levels with precision using a simple, intuitive remote control.
0% brightness
Remote control

LED Light Pergola Control System

Speaking more about comfort than style, most pergolas with LED lights offer the option of choosing a remote control. This isn't a requirement, but you should consider it if you're looking for simplicity and the ability to adjust your lighting throughout the year. In addition, you can change the flicker pattern and the glow's intensity and, in some cases, choose the moment to start or stop the lighting fixtures. It means you won't have to manually turn off the power of the LED lighting at the end of the evening or go through a bunch of fiddling around to adjust anything. Instead, you can perform all the necessary actions with the remote control. 
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Mobile App

remote control pergola photo # 420

Remote Control

voice command pergola photo # 429

Amazon Alexa

remote controlled pergola photo # 427

Google Assistant

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remote control pergola roof photo # 433
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Explore the Magic of Pergola LED Lighting

There are lamps on sale in different shapes, so you can style them however you like. The colourful lights also have settings, allowing you to change colours anytime.

Different coloured light sources create different moods. Thus, blue has a calming effect; red, on the contrary, is stimulating, and a warm yellow shade creates a cozy atmosphere.

Pergola LED lighting in different colours should be used sparingly, focusing on specific features that easily reflect light back onto the patio. Combining colourful lights with more natural colour temperatures creates a more exciting and pleasing look to the eye. If the colour of the pergola LED lights is irregular, it will create a more magical effect.

Pergola LED lights provide several advantages:

  • They create superior light quality while reducing energy costs.
  • They do not require special maintenance and last long, reducing the environmental impact.
  • This outdoor LED lighting for pergolas does not emit UVA and UVB radiation, attracting fewer insects than traditional lamps.
  • You can choose the light intensity that best suits you: low to create an intimate environment or high to see everything.

This will ensure the most relaxing and comfortable outdoors, especially in good weather.

It’s a vast luxury when you’re trying to relax in an LED pergola oasis in your backyard. Thoughtful integration of pergola LED lighting will dramatically transform your outdoor space, enhancing its beauty and functionality. From soft glows to focused lights and bright accents from spotlights, each type of lighting plays an essential role in creating a relaxing ambience

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