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Pergola side ZIP screens can be seen as a symbol of modern aesthetics. It can be a functional and stylish addition to your property, increasing its value and your outdoor space. The elegant design provides pleasant coolness and serves as shade from sunlight. Let's look at the main features of the ZIP screen pergola.

Privacy from neighbours
UV rays
Use screens to project movies
Safe heat
Pests out
Shield from weather
Year round
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The Benefits of Pergola ZIP Screens


A screened pergola allows you to relax in the fresh air without the prying glances of neighbors and people passing by. You can maintain a beautiful landscape from the window, limiting people’s intrusive views.

Weather protection

A ZIP screen protects the pergola from rain and wind, significantly improving the quality of outdoor recreation. Its beautiful designs are waterproof and durable, so you get lasting protection.

Protection from insects

A screened-in pergola with a roof forms an effective barrier against mosquitoes and flies, so they won’t bother you while you enjoy your pergola

Zip-Screen Colour

You Can Choose Different Colours for the Pergola ZIP Screens

Zip-Screen Transparency

Choose the Privacy Screen Fabric that Suits Your Needs

Pergola with ZIP screen sides offer the perfect balance between protection and visibility. Offered in 10% transparency for optimal control of sunlight, wind, rain, and light, they guarantee UV and heat protection in 5 fabric colours, tested for durability and functionality.

10% Transparency
Allows passage of light, rain, and wind

Pergola Screen Fabrics

Innovative solutions and quality materials
for maximum climatic and visual comfort.

Once you are convinced of the benefits of a ZIP screen pergola, you need to find the right installation company. Several factors should be considered when choosing a provider. Look for a company with a good reputation and years of experience in the industry. Any reputable organization, including, will have a solid portfolio of completed projects and positive reviews from past clients. Also, make sure the company offers a wide range of designs, sizes, and colours so you can customize the screened pergola to suit your preferences. Finally, research the organization's prices and guarantees to find the best value for money

The RecScreen® fabric is designed to:

  • Filter sunlight, reducing glare effect.
  • Increase privacy, allowing outward visibility.
  • Energy-saving, reducing air conditioning consumption.
  • Avoid fading of interior decorative fabrics (upholstery, carpets, etc.).

Zip Screen Manufacturing Process

Once our team of installers completes the installation of your new screened pergola, they will laser measure the openings (for greater accuracy) and submit the measurements to our factory. The screens will then be prepared in our factory within one week, where our Aluminum Pergola team will come back to the site to install them precisely customized to your pergola. With over 10 years of industry experience, Aluminum Pergola has provided a customizable solution to all of our aluminum pergola and pergola bug ZIP screen installations to keep your outdoor comfort in mind.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Aspects of Pergola Privacy Screens

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Zip screens are sized to fit seamlessly by eliminating gaps. Measured for accuracy with precision, screens are fitted with widths from 4 to 18 feet, and heights from 4 to 14 feet making them an ideal modern and durable addition to the pergola or outdoor shade structure for both durability and dimensional stability.
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Motorized Control

Adjust zip screens by just a click of a button using your Aluminum Pergola remote control, by mobile app or Google Assistant. Seamlessly operate each screen individually or all at once, each programmed separately for ease and control. Motorized zip screens powered by Somfy make your outdoor space more comfortable and convenient.
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Manual Control

Open and close zip screens manually as a reliable and affordable option that does not require a power source. With just a few turns of the easy to operate hand crank, screens open and close effortlessly. If you are looking for a low maintenance, beautiful, and functional option, manual screens are the perfect alternative to motorized.

Things you need to know

Weight bar bowing and waviness of fabric
Bowing of the weight bar of up to 15 mm is possible for blind unit width of 4000 mm. Units of greater width can show a bowing of the weight bar of up to 30 mm. A bowing of the weight bar can lead to waviness of the fabric along the rails. This does not constitute a reason for complaint or a defect covered by warranty. 

Horizontal marks on the fabric.
Horizontal marks are possible and stem from the blind being rolled up around the shaft and potential fabric seems leaving marks on the fabric. This is normal and does not constitute a reason for complaint or a defect covered by warranty

Waviness of the fabric
Zip SCREEN blind systems show a slight waviness along the rails. This is normal and especially visible with rigid fabrics such as Soltis. This cannot be prevented and does not constitute a reason for complaint or a defect covered by warranty

How It Works

Video demonstration of how the screened-in pergola operates

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Maintenance and Upkeep of Pergola ZIP Screens

You can keep a pergola with ZIP screen sides in good condition by using a damp, soft sponge or cloth with a non-abrasive, water-based household solution. Then, dry the ZIP screen by leaving it extended and allowing it to dry in sunlight. The use of corrosive substances may damage the material. The motorized pergola bug ZIP screen should only be cleaned after turning off the power.

During frosts and snowfalls, the screened-in pergola profile may become covered with ice and snow. You should not unfold the structure. The ZIP screen can only be used after the ice has been removed.

Regarding style, you can choose different colours for the pergola ZIP screens.

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