Choosing Aluminum Pergolas Over Outdoor Gazebos

Outdoor spaces can be areas of relaxation, entertainment and a wide range of other outdoor activities for family and guests. It’s important to decorate these areas for a longer period of time, not just for a single event. Homeowners, designers, builders and architects can choose from multiple options, and one of the longer-lasting choices are gazebos, sun shelters and pergolas.

A sun shelter describes any structure that provides cover from sunlight. Gazebos tend to cover limited spots in outdoor spaces, letting you furnish it with appliances, seating, and the like. The most common gazebos are usually disassembled and kept tucked away during the colder months, as people tend to enjoy the outdoors more in the spring and summer. Pergolas, on the other hand, are a long-term fixture that you may choose for a number of reasons.

Aluminum Gazebo and Aluminum Pergola

Pergolas have slatted roofs and can let some sunlight in through, with the added effect of being able to withstand gusts of wind and help regulate the space underneath. They are also constructed to suit the exact dimensions of our clients. Modern gazebos – especially ones from any hardware or homeware retailer – are typically prefabricated and may not necessarily fit the space. While they may also be made from stronger materials, such as metals, it may be unclear what metals these are, or they may not be strong enough to weather the effects of the seasons, especially in North America.

Sunshades can be made from multiple materials. Aluminum is one of the most structurally strong and light metals used for construction, and the main element in our pergolas. With this material, we can create custom-size pergolas for any outdoor seating, entertainment, poolside, deck, porch and a number of outdoor areas. These pergolas typically consist of ‘sections’ of varying lengths and sizes, all depending on our clients’ specifications. They may even be attached to the building itself. The structure of gazebos do not allow for this kind of design and construction flexibility, though you may choose from pre-determined sizes, makes and forms.

Our louvered sunshade roofs are an essential element in the pergolas we create, which can close up entirely to withstand heavy snow loads and completely keep out rain. Typical Canadian gazebos need to be disassembled in the winter in case they collapse under the weight of the snow. While aluminum gazebos may exist, our aluminum pergola roofs give you better security, safety and comfort when it comes to enjoying outdoor living.

Modern Gazebos vs Louvered Aluminum Pergola

Louvered roofs are a quality that make our pergolas stand out from any aluminum gazebo. Whether motorised with a touch of a button or a manual turn of a handle, your louvered roof can open up to different angles, from 0 to 135 degrees. These different angles allow you to completely protect your furnishings and appliances, or control the brightness, ventilation and temperature underneath he pergola. Modern gazebos provide cover and aesthetic value; pergolas give you more than just sun cover.

Additionally, our team at Aluminum Pergola can customise our typical monochromatic aluminum pergolas to match any environment and backdrop. Our classic colour scheme is perfect for accentuating and highlighting the outdoors but can also be changed without having to completely change the pergola itself. Our modern pergolas come with the added option of having vertical sunshade screens for complete protection and privacy, mosquito screens, LED lights for added aesthetic and functional value, outdoor ceiling fans or infrared heaters.

These options, of course, are available to custom aluminum gazebos, which may be comparable to our pergolas in durability. However, the options for gazebos remain limited, and the gazebo roof – its defining quality used for its main function as a sunshade – is not quite as flexible in design. Custom-made gazebos may be suited to a detached outdoor space, but they cannot be attached, nor can multiple gazebos be attached to one another, side by side, to expand the amount of shade they provide. Their design flexibility and functionality are limited, unlike aluminum pergolas.

High Quality, Low Maintenance, Low Price

Traditional Canadian gazebos are not made to withstand harsh winters and strong winds. While they are a useful sunshade, they may only last for 2-3 years and may need constant maintenance. Additionally, aluminum gazebos that have been ordered through other stores usually require additional assembly fees; otherwise, the client would have to assemble it themselves. These gazebos are liable to human error and, worse, falling apart and collapsing under exceptionally bad weather.

Our products, on the other hand, are custom-made and built in-house, ensuring that the quality, make, structure and form of your pergola is uniquely suited to your space. This process cuts costs and makes our pergolas cheaper, as we remove the ‘middle man’ and directly manufacture and install our product for our clients.

Most importantly, aluminum pergolas last for much longer and require little to no maintenance. In our modern, busy schedules, structures such as pergolas and gazebos are meant to help us enjoy our more relaxed and recreational outdoor lifestyles. They are meant to give you peace of mind, knowing that everything under your sunshade is safe from rain, snow, and overall degradation because of these weather elements.

Whether you want to relax to the sound of pouring rain, enjoy the view of a fresh blanket of snow, or entertain friends and family during the warmer seasons, aluminum pergolas give you the flexibility and security you need to enjoy any outdoor activity.

Aluminum Pergolas Today

Aluminum pergolas are a better choice than gazebos, if you are looking to truly turn your outdoor space into the contemporary focal point of your poolside, deck, backyard, patio or commercial building. From business break areas to private homes, Aluminum Pergola has worked on a variety of projects in different areas around Canada and the United States.

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