Aluminum Pergola 2024 Video

  • Meet the Aluminum Pergola – the most advanced sun and rain protection solution for any home or public space.
  • An elegant structure with resilient adjustable louvers designed to withstand the elements.
  • Control the weather with the turn of a handle, or with the push of a button.
  • Soak in the sun, relish the shade, and find peace under the rain.
  • Stay dry with a built-in gutter system that collects water into the posts.
  • The Aluminum Louvered Pergola can be custom built to any size you desire or do it yourself with a Standard KIT 10’×12′ made for easy installation and cost efficiency.
  • Complement your Pergola with built-in LED lights for a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Add a Retractable Zip Screen for privacy and protection against sun, wind and rain. Manufactured in-house with first-class materials.
  • And control everything with a single remote.
  • Extend your living space with the Aluminum Louvered Pergola – the most durable sunshade product in Canada.

Customer Stories – 2023 Projects

Aluminum pergola is a very durable and maintenance free product designed to withstand North American weather.

This video provides an overview of our customers’ feedback and opinion, which is very important to us.

Projects on Condominium Patios

Size 14’×16′ at Richmond Hill, ON

  • Motorized Louvers
  • Multi-Color Led lights
  • Three Retractable Outdoor Screens
  • Two heaters

Size 20’×20′ at Toronto, ON

  • Two Aluminum Pergolas 20′ by 20′
  • 20′ wide zip screens to cover each side of the pergola
  • Motorized Louvers
  • Built-in neutral white LED lights

Custom Size 4 section in Downtown Toronto

  • Four section louvered aluminum pergola
  • Retractable motorized zip screens all around the structure

Size 20’×12′ in Toronto

  • Attached to the wall 20′ side
  • Manual operation louvers

Size 13’×23′ at Etobicoke, ON

Two Section Aluminum Pergola attached to the house to cover the outdoor kitchen and dining table.

  • Manual Operation of both – Louvers & Screens
  • Built-in Warm White LED lights
  • Four retractable outdoor screens

Size 10’×23′ at Kleinburg, ON

Attached to the house in two sections aluminum pergola with all available features.

  • Motorized Louvers
  • Four Motorized  Retractable Outdoor Screens
  • Two Infrared Heaters
  • Multi-colour LEd lights
  • Built-in Audio system

Size 13’×14′ at Kemble, ON

Check out our valued client’s feedback on a free standing Aluminum Pergola on the composite deck.

  • Three motorized outdoor retractable zip screens
  • Warm White LED lights with a dimmable function
  • Louvers operated by motor

KIT 10′ × 12′ at St. Catharines, ON

Client’s feedback on our Aluminum Louvered Pergola KIT 10′ × 12′ installed on the composite deck

  • Two manual operation retractable zip screens
  • Manual operation on louvers

Built-in Louvered Roof size 7’×14′ in Toronto

Motorized Aluminum Pergola built-in to the existing structure with the gutter system on the perimeter.

12′ × 42′ Multiple Sections at Hamilton, ON

  • 4 sections free standing pergola
  • Motorized Louvers
  • Multi-color led lights
  • Three retractable outdoor zip screens
  • One remote control to operate: louvers, screens and LED lights.

Aluminum Louvered Pergola for Restaurant

7 Sections Aluminium Pergola in Restaurant Patio in Toronto.