Patio Pergola

In the nice mild weather, whether it is a day or an evening, most of us like to spend leisure time with friends and families in the fresh air. A gentle wind, warm atmosphere, a cosy seating place, bonfire… are the keys to make your vacation pleasant and enjoyable.

Patio Pergola as the trending outdoor feature

А large backyard is always a great place to create an outdoor entertainment spot. These days patio pergolas are becoming trendier among those who own big houses. By its availability, patio pergola adds charm to the house and to its external space. The structure of the pergola consists of a selection of column supported with a grating-style roof, which provides an ability of the good air circulation, creating a shade area at the same time.

Patio pergola also can be an extension of the house to make it more spacious. Alternatively, if there is a big yard on the back of the house, it can be also built just as an embedded roof to bring coziness to the free house area and serve as a coverage for what’s under it.

Freestanding Patio Pergola

Besides, a tendency to construct a freestanding patio pergola by the pool or at the barbeque spot has its point as well. So, you can set a very attractive pergola, which will serve as ‘veranda’ to be a comfortable warm dining place with a picnic table, chairs or a sofa, a lighting system and even heating devices in case of cold weather. You will no more have to worry about your BBQs being poured out by a torrential rain. And, in addition, it will be your lightweight paradise corner to indulge your privacy in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, to make your patio pergola more beautiful and aesthetic, you can also adorn it via greenery, like flowers or grapevines, which will bring a natural touching to its look at once. Moreover, it can always become a greenhouse to your garden and flowers if you are a vegetation fan. It is also a great idea to build a pathway to your pergola and light it up, to make your backyard alighted beautifully before the evening sets.

Model#1 vs Model#2

Compare Two Pergola Models

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Model#1 vs Model#2

What materials patio pergola can be made of?

In general, patio pergola materials are wood and vinyl, but steel is used oftentimes as well. Nevertheless, you are a proprietor of your home, so it is up to you to define the way your house is going to look like and the way you want your patio pergola to be designed.

If you have already decided to make your yard more eye-catching by building a patio pergola, just release you fantasy and creativity to woo the most pleasant spot in order to enjoy outdoor activities and improve the landscape of your house.