Sunshades have never been more customisable than with our team at Aluminum Pergola. Our special louvered roof technology is vastly different from traditional wooden pergolas for a variety of reasons. The most notable ones, however, are the design flexibility options available to all our clients when they choose to work with us. Our past work speaks to the wide range of choices we offer. Our aluminum louvered roofs are distinctly minimalistic in style not because we want to limit your creativity, but to provide a blank canvas of what you can achieve with us. We communicate this through the look, form and function of every aluminum sunshade we construct, unique for every project.

Traditional Pergola Design vs. Modern Pergola Design

Pergolas are most suited to outdoor living because of the way they can frame any outdoor space, whether it be a garden or a poolside. They are designed to provide shade and act as a focal point of its environment. These big structures surely stand out, and that’s why the colour and shape are so important: they have to provide a certain function and help you enjoy your outdoor space.

The most common colours for pergolas are either a shade of gray or a combination of white and dark colours. These colours starkly contrast the outdoors and help frame that natural environment. However, this aspect of pergola design can be a limitation for some types, especially when it comes to custom colours. Some materials either need to be painted on or are limited to a very limited natural colour palette. Traditional pergola design is also concerned with covering outdoor entertainment, dining or cooking areas, all to protect the people and items under it.

Pergola designs also heavily involve the structure itself, and the key is to have a sunshade that covers your desired outdoor area without needing constant maintenance. After all, the point of having a pergola is to provide protection without the constant hassle.

Why we offer Aluminum Pergola.

Our team creates clean and contemporary looks with our primary base material: aluminum. It is one of the strongest, most durable metals and we use it for the distinctive louvered roofs of your sunshade. Our modern metal pergolas are the perfect mixture of cost-effective and enduring quality. The material is suited to withstand heavy snow loads when closed, completely keep out rain or harsh sunlight, and help you control the ventilation, brightness and temperature at different adjustable angles. This is a better option than a wooden pergola with limited capabilities, a vinyl pergola with limited longevity or a fiberglass pergola that comes with a hefty price tag.

Modern Pergola Designs

Additionally, our metal pergola designs can suit any space and can come in multiple forms, such as free-standing and attached. You can choose the number of sections (either one section or multi-section) and combine these custom-made sections to cover as much of the outdoor space as needed. Our sections are longer than traditional pergolas because of the durable metal that we use, all while maintaining its longevity and strength. This would usually be difficult to achieve with wood pergolas, where span distance is an issue. With Aluminum Pergola, there are no size or area limits – whatever space you need covered, we’re sure to create a pergola unique to it.

Our strong foundations and roof slats come in the default dark brown and light beige colours respectively, suiting many homes and builds, from brick-and-mortar houses to wooden facades, decks and patios. The sharp contrast not only matches the environment; it easily matches any furniture or appliance as well.

We pay close attention to structure and appearance when building modern louvered pergolas for our clients.

Accessorize and Upgrade

We value our clients’ choices and aim to give them as many as possible. That’s why we have multiple side options to enhance the look and functionality of your desired space. We work with you in pergola design to determine your preference for retractable vertical screens, mosquito/sunshade curtains, aluminum sliding shutters or sliding glass doors around the sides. Our retractable vertical screens can be motorised or manually operated. They are made out of a unique screen fabric that maximises the reduction of solar penetration and protects you against all kinds of undesirable weather. This fabric comes in similar colours to the structure to match the design of your pergola perfectly. Use these side options for added protection and privacy.

Other accessories and upgrades include built-in LED lights, outdoor ceiling fans and infrared heaters, all depending on the environment and your specifications. You can select and combine from any of these options, giving you more value for your pergola from the get-go.

More Design Options, More Function, More Benefits

The Aluminum Pergola team is committed to building and installing sustainable, practical and long-lasting pergolas. Metal pergola designs are not meant to be clunky or look industrial. They are stylish, innovative and suited for both homes and public buildings. They don’t suffer any defects for at least 10 years or more, if used properly, and requires little to no maintenance. There’s no need to worry about termites, cracked paint, warped structures, and all other future problems that come with traditional pergola materials.

Our louvered roof pergolas are also made to serve as an easily operable, easily adjustable system that works more than just a simple sunshade. You can achieve protection, ventilation control, brightness control and temperature control depending on the angle of the louvered roof, all with a touch of a button or turn of a handle. It withstands Canadian winds and snow loads, can completely keep the rain out of your outdoor space, and doesn’t require constant maintenance. These features would be difficult to achieve – if not impossible – with the fixed builds and designs of old pergola forms.

For all our projects, the choice is up to our client. We put an emphasis on unique design, enduring quality and diligent workmanship when constructing your vision of ideal outdoor living.

Contact us today to get started on your modern pergola project today.