What is the price of pergola installation?

Most people are fond of mansions with great spacious backyards, where they may create a luxury nice spot, decorating with everything you wish. Everyone always dreams about a place for ideal life, with a home coziness, lovely family with a lot of children, playing in the backyard. When you finally become a homeowner everything changes, and you introduce innovations into your imagination of the home place. There is a great amount of designs and ideas which will make you confused about the suitable one to create a perfect dwelling.
Pergola can be a great addition to beautify your outdoor living space. It may serve as a pleasant airy place for relaxation and for enjoying wonders of nature and breathing fresh air.

Reasons of difference in price of pergola

There are different types and styles of pergolas. Price of pergola definitely varies due to dozen diverse factors and reasons. It may depends on design, material, style, size and also the working labor for installation and maintenance.

First of all, you should decide on the material you want for building it.

  • Wood is the most popular material of pergola, also it is commonly used and might look like money saving option. But on the other hand, it has a tendency to collapse more often because of bad weather conditions, so it means that maintenance is a frequent demand.
  • While aluminium is better material for pergola as it more solid, with a stronger roof and has more reliable structure. It is really budget-friendly considering maintenance work here is not so often. You install it once and forever.

Average cost of a pergola due to its types

Wooden pergola cost within $40 and 70$ per square foot. Concerning aluminium pergola the price is 80$ per square foot. Being more precise, average cost of a pergola from wood with an open roof is between $6,000, while more stylish and thoroughly produced one with a solid roof may start from $10,000 or more. The Aluminum Pergola price in average cost in between 9,500 to 13,000.

But still pergola price depends on the quantity and quality level of material you use to install it. As for the large construction price of pergola will be much higher than for a smaller one.

If you want to decorate your pergola with lighting and stereo systems or make its shape more non-standard and unique it will also influence the price.

Model#1 vs Model#2

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Model#1 vs Model#2

Everything starts with desire

In short, the whole installing process and price of pergola quite fully depends on your budget and the design of the pergola. Everything can be done according to your vision of the ideal pergola. All you need is desire and full understanding of the item which will be the best emphasis for your dreamed home place.